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Throckmorton County was named after Texas gained its independence from Mexico. The county was created by an act of the Legislature of Texas in January 1858, but was not organized until January 1879. The county was named for Dr. William E. Throckmorton an early day settler and distinguished doctor of that day. The Throckmorton County Courthouse was established in Throckmorton in 1890 and serves as the county seat to date.

Throckmorton County lies in the center of the Rolling Plains of Texas. Throckmorton County is bordered on the north and south by two forks of the Brazos River. Salt Fork to the north and the Clear Fork to the south.

Throckmorton County has long been known as the “Capitol of the Cow Country” due to the large amount of native rangeland and good cattle. Throckmorton County was proclaimed “Capitol of the Cow Country” by a resolution prepared and introduced by State Representative Charles Finnell in 1995.

Throckmorton County consists of approximately 586,000 acres with the majority being utilized for beef cattle production. Approximately 60,000 acres of wheat is planted annually being utilized for forage and grain production. Approximately 1.3 million dollars is generated from grain production.

Throckmorton County’s dense brush population and rolling hills serves as an excellent habitat for white tailed deer, quail, dove and feral hog. Sportsman throughout the United States annually enjoy the opportunity to hunt in this rustic area.

Demographic projections for Throckmorton County in the year 2000 show little anticipated change. In 1996 its population was 1779 and was ranked 241st in the State with females out numbering the males by 3%. Ninety-one percent of the population are Anglo with 53.7% being between the ages of 18-24.

County demographics show that 30% of the population did not complete high school. Thirty-three percent completed high school, 21% obtained some college, with 15% obtaining a college degree. We feel there is a direct relationship between the 24% of the population which is over 65 and the rate of education obtained.

Youth developement continues to be a major priority for Throckmorton County as young people are prepared to become productive citizens and leaders.

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